Thursday, August 5, 2010

I am a nurse, yes I am

I'm almost done with my first week as an RN at Mary Greeley Medical Center here in Ames.  I am working full time days/evenings.  So I work two weeks of 3-1130pm and then two weeks of 7-330pm, with every other weekend and holidays, but I don't know which yet!
I had to buy a bunch of scrubs--all either navy or white, because nurses can only wear those colors--but it does make it nice because I don't have to think about what to wear to work--just pull out a random top and pair of pants.  :-)
I'm so glad God provided a job for me--we want to use the money from my salary to save up for a house to buy someday!  Plus I was getting super bored sitting at home most of the time.
I actually interviewed for a night position and a part time position but I was offered two day/evening positions (on different floors) so I was able to choose the floor I really wanted to work on.  What a blessing!

I haven't really stopped feeling like a student yet--except that technically I can do everything myself (like IVs, meds, assessments, etc) without supervision since I am licensed!
I have a great nurse training me and it has been pretty cool so far--but it's a bummer that I really don't see Mike on the weeks I work evenings :-(  But he's coming to eat dinner with me tonight at the fabulous Cafe on Grand (aka the Mary Greeley cafeteria)! And we are going to the zoo in Des Moines this weekend--I love zoos!

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