Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Since we got married I have made a hobby out of finding deals--I'm not super good at using coupons, since we buy most of our food at ALDI and it's super cheap already, but sometimes I find good coupon deals!
HyVee is having a really good sale this week, and look at what I got for $10!  I don't usually buy chips or frozen pizza, but I got awesome deals!

 Blueberries for $.88, pizza for $.88, brownies and hot dogs for $.49!
The HyVee coupons are in their ad I picked up in the store, and I had a manufacturer coupon for the pizza from their Facebook page.

I also tried making a curry for the first time last night, but it wasn't very good so I won't share the recipe. :-)


  1. Nancy Heerema has a great curry recipe you should bug her for....

  2. hey amy,
    saw your blog through facebook. Looking forward to "following" you! :-) i'm a deal seeker too, so its always nice havin' another money saving girlie to know! :-) Count me as your newest follower!

    {The Appraiser's Wife}