Friday, July 16, 2010


I graduated from nursing school in May and passed my boards in late June, so I've been applying for a LOT of jobs in the past two months--but the nursing market is not good right now :-(  I was getting really discouraged by the lack of interviews and being without work for so long--I have been pretty bored--there's only so much you can clean in an apartment!! :-)
My first interviews at Mary Greeley were about two weeks ago and this week I had peer interviews for both the medical/surgical and cardiac/medical floors.  My second peer interview was at 3:30 on Wednesday and they called me at 4:30 the same day to offer me FT days/evenings on either floor--they just said I could pick!  I'm so thankful I don't have to work nights, because I don't do well on not a whole lot of sleep and now I will still be able to see Mike and be social!
I took the job on the cardiac/medical floor and I start on the 26th pending a physical next week!

Amy Bravo, RN (I just like writing that)

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